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Colin Gordon-Farleigh Second Chances CD

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1.   Second Chances (Sandy Smolen) 3.00

2.   No Regrets (Colin Gordon-Farleigh/Jimmy Payne)  2.33

3.   Slowly (Webb Pierce/Tommy Hill)  2.50

4.   Have We Been As Far In Love (Terry Stephenson/Ronal McCown)  3.27

5.   If You Ever Go Away (Colin Gordon-Farleigh/Ernie Rowell)  3.35

6.   The Ice In My Glass (Terry Stephenson/Ronal McCown)  2.55

7.   The Weight of My Chains (Jimmy Payne)  3.27

8.   Things That Mean The Most (M.Wilkin)  2.59

9.   If You Were Mine To Lose (Mickey Jaco)  3.23

10. You’re Free To Go (Don Robertson/Lou Herscher)  2.38

11. We All Need Our Heroes (Colin Gordon-Farleigh/Greg Scheer)  3.52

12. I’m So Afraid Of Losing You Again (Dallas Frazier/Arthur Owens Snr)  3.32