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Track List

1. If Only I Had Wings - Grace Bawden

2. When I;m With You - Susan Marrs

3. What Did You Mean - Lauralei

4. Love Alone - Samantha Link

5. If You Ever Go Away - Ernie Rowell

6. Come Stay With Me Tonight - Lauralei

7. Only A Photograph - Susan Marrs

8. I Wish Love Hadn;t Taught Me How To Cry - Colin Gordon-Farleigh

9. Forever Friend - Darren Mullan

10. This Is Wales (The Miner;s Song ) - Gary Cordice

11. Starting Over - Dave Demay

12. Just Another Love Song - Susan Marrs

Sheer Joy Music showcases the talents and gifts of composer,

lyricist and singer which are brought together in a wide range of songs.

Songs are food for the soul, and the hope is that they will feed yours.

Please feel free to browse our site,

where you will find a wide range of songs ranging from Traditional Country to Bluegrass,

from Classical Crossover to Jazz, as well as  hymns and worship songs of Colin Gordon-Farleigh,

with the availability to purchase backing tracks and sheet music.

Many of the worship songs are in both English & Welsh. You can buy or download CD Tracks from iTunes,

CDBaby and Amazon. The CD's and Downloads are available from here.